Established on January 18, 2005, the purpose of the Senior Friends Endowment Fund is to provide a means whereby gifts and bequests may be made, held and used for the benefit of supporting the programs, facilities and mission of the non-profit entity known as Senior Friends, Incorporated.  Senior Friends, Inc is committed to fulfilling the needs of older adults regardless of race, color, creed or disability, within a reasonable distance of Hartford, through education, information, socialization, nutrition, recreation, entertainment and wellness programs to improve their quality of life.  Senior Friends, Inc is committed to providing this service to the community to help fulfill community needs.

Senior Friends Endowment Fund, Inc as well as Senior Friends, Inc is located within the Hartford Senior Center at 730 Highland Avenue in Hartford, WI.  Senior Friends, Inc is a non-profit organization operated mostly by member volunteers.  As an activity center for those 50 years young and older, Senior Friends, Inc promotes fellowship, love, harmony, and educational programs for its members, to meet the social needs of all for a brighter future.  The Senior Friends Endowment Fund, Inc purpose is to generate income to be used to fulfill this mission of the organization.

A gift to the Senior Friends Endowment Fund, Inc is a ‘forever gift’.  It remains in the principal to earn additional income to support all the activities at Senior Friends, Inc.  Only the earnings within the Senior Friends Endowment Fund, Inc investments are used to further the cause and support of Senior Friends, Inc.

If you have any questions about the Senior Friends Endowment Fund, Incorporated, please contact Scott Lopas, Chairman, at the Senior Friends, Inc office, 262-673-4005.